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Please do not e-mail requests for appointments or cancellations - we can only take these requests over the phone (01329 665871)

Foot Health Treatment

A Foot Health Professional (FHP) is a fully qualified expert trained to assist and advise people of all ages on how to keep their feet in a healthy condition and to give advice on day-to-day foot care to enable them to maintain a good quality of life by keeping mobile.

Arthritis, painful hips, stiff knees or poor eyesight may put feet out of reach for many people and prevent them from maintaining healthy feet and toenails. A FHP can deliver non-intrusive care and valuable advice for foot problems such as corns, callus, warts, fungal infections as well as careful trimming and filing of toenails to prevent nail problems developing.

Problems such as diabetes or poor circulation may cause further difficulties, however a FHP is trained to spot troublesome conditions quickly for onward referral. With regular foot care, future foot problems can be prevented at any age.

On your first appointment, which will last approximately 45 minutes, the FHP will take a full medical history, an assessment of the condition of your feet and discuss and agree a foot care plan with you so that treatment can progress. Advice can be given on how to look after your feet to keep them healthy in between appointments.

The frequency of follow-up appointments will depend on the foot care plan and type of problem you have. Follow-up appointments last approximately 30 minutes.

During your Foot Health appointment you will be asked to remove all footwear for the FHP to commence assessment and treatment of your feet.

The practitioner who provides this treatment is:

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Foot Health Treatment
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We are delighted to be able to welcome you back to the Clinic. You will see that we have made some changes to the Clinic and there are changes made to the arrangements for your treatment.

In order to protect our clients, practitioners and staff we ask that you read and abide by the terms of this protocol:

• Please wear a face mask throughout your time at the Clinic. If you do not have one you can purchase one at the Clinic
Please Note: If you do not wear a mask throughout your time in the Clinic you will not be treated and you will be asked to leave – this is for the safely for yourself and our staff and Practitioners
• For Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Massage Treatments please bring two towels/throws for warmth and comfort. If you do not have anything suitable you can purchase them at the Clinic
• You will be asked to sanitize your hands when you enter the Clinic
• You will be asked to sign a new consent to treatment form
• You will be asked to pay before your treatment and by card rather than by cash
• Your practitioner may ask to take your temperature prior to your treatment
• Please observe social distancing at all times
• If you wish to make a further appointment then we ask you to phone the Clinic rather than make it after the time of your appointment

Please Note: Your Practitioner may turn you away if they think you are too vulnerable treat safely.

We take everyone’s security and well-being very seriously and in addition to the steps set out above the Clinic is taking the following additional measures:

• There will be limited number of patients, staff and practitioners in the Clinic at one time
• Treatment rooms will be sanitized between each patient
• There will be single use hand towels in the bathrooms
• Reception, bathrooms and waiting areas will be sanitized regularly in addition to normal cleaning
• Waiting areas will be split to facilitate social distancing

Please do not e-mail requests for appointments or cancellations - we can only take these requests over the phone.
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