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Flower Remedies

More information coming soon. To enhance your healing whether it be an emotional issue, an injury, illness or maybe you are just stuck and need some clarity with your life, Flower Remedies may be very helpful.

In the 1930s Dr Edward Bach created the Bach Flower remedies which may help heal a multitude of physical and mental symptoms. Today there are other Flower Remedies including Ian Whites Australian Bush Flower Remedies, which work in a very subtle but powerful way. Used as a spray or as a remedy in water and administered by a pipette under the tongue they are very gentle and effective. A single remedy or a prescription containing a bespoke blend may be very healing and beneficial to anyone from a new born baby to helping one peacefully pass away.

A few Combinations of Flower Essences which might be beneficial to you are:

Confidence Essence: To help improve your confidence and well being
Adol -Essence: Wonderful for the transition from a Teenager into an adult and to balance the body and mind as it adjusts
Cognis - Essence: Ideal if studying, taking an exam or to help the brain retain information
Female Essence: To help balance the Female cycle, especially in Puberty, Pregnancy, Childbirth and menopause but can bring balance at any time
Emergency Essence: For pain, whether physical or mental, fear, anxiety, or for when you just need a hug
Space Clearing Essence - To clear unwanted energies, ideal for moving house or buying a used car to clear previous energy, to clear the air after an argument and to clear any unwanted psychic energies
Transition Essence For when you need to find the courage to leave this world and you are fearful of what is on the other-side. Helps to calm and give courage to let go with love and peace
Radiation Essence To clear the body and mind from a build up of radiation, from our computers and mobile phones, microwaves and modern technology
Burn Out Essence To give you a boost when you are feeling depleted and worn out
Mum to Be Essence To balance your body and mind as you adjust to the changes in your body, preparing to be a mum
Anger Essence To restore calm after a period of stress and disappointment
Many other combination and individual essences are available.

The practitioners offering this treatment:

Hannah Scott

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Please do not e-mail requests for appointments or cancellations - we can only take these requests over the phone.
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